We have worked with the Odeon since 2012. A period of time that has seen their retail sales go from strength to strength. Together with the Odeon team we re-evaluated the customer journey to create a fast and simple queueing system. We looked at the produce range with them developing new offers and bringing them to the customers attention in the short time they have in the foyer. We also re-evaluated the visual look of the Odeon, creating a brand Lux look which developed the customer experience from the entrance through to the recliner seated screens. We have had many arears of focus:

  • Developing the bar offer and seating areas to increase dwell time in the foyer, allowing customers to relax before the film and meet friends.
  • Developing the ice-cream offer, from the introduction of Beechdean ice cream and subsequently Ben & Jerrys.
  • The introduction of FreeStyle Coca-Cola machines.
  • The introduction of Self Service Ice Blast.
  • The improvement in the hot food offer and selection.
  • The introduction of a collection area for on-line food purchases.
  • The re-introduction of freshly popped popcorn – in front of the customer.

And more…


Odeon – Bournemouth

Odeon – Leicester Square

Odeon – Oldham