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January 17, 2019 - Comments Off on What does brushing your teeth and SEO / Content Marketing have in common?

What does brushing your teeth and SEO / Content Marketing have in common?

Brushing your teeth / exercising / sleeping / eating healthily, they’re not things you do once and can tick off a list and say “yes done that – now what’s next?”

You don’t suddenly have perfect teeth, muscular slim body, feeling and looking rested and healthy – for all time.

You don’t (or shouldn’t) go to the gym once and expect to see a gorgeous toned body in the mirror the next day.

They’re all things you have to do regularly over time – and their impact is cumulative.
Try not regularly brushing your teeth for a few days or weeks. Try just doing SEO once a year.

Just like falling in love with a partner – or making a new friend, you don’t just meet someone and “boom” that’s it – you’ve instantly fallen in love and stay that way forever despite whatever the world can throw at you.

Love grows by an accumulation of little steps, delivered regularly over time, with consistency of intent – so that the recipient learns you can be trusted.

What are those steps? Being in the same places together regularly (otherwise – even if there is initial attraction, it can be easily forgotten), chatting, having some things in common, finding the same things funny, being able to share things, showing care and loving attention – putting the other person’s needs first – lots of little things delivered regularly.

As with the above – your business marketing efforts aren’t a one-off tick-box approach – you need to be showing up day after day, week after week – consistently doing the little things right so that from that eventual track record of positive intent and content you accumulate, your customers can glean that you’re in it for the long haul – you have their best interests at heart – that you mean what you say – that you can be trusted. You didn’t just rock up once – do the minimum amount of work – expecting the cheque in the post next day.

  • What sorts of things do your customers need to see from you over a long period to help them trust you?
  • Be in their eye-line / thoughts regularly (email / social media / articles / advertising)
  • Give them little gifts of stimulating material that is of value to them – content, guides, information, entertainment
  • Let them see that you are to be trusted
  • Be transparent - what you’re selling, what they can expect, what you will do for them, what you guarantee, etc.
  • Be available and responsive – answer queries quickly, get back to them in full