If we have built your website and host it on our server we provide the following service:

daily backup of your database

This takes place at midnight every night and back ups are placed on your website in a secure location.

weekly backup of your database and files

This takes place on Saturday nights and databases are stored on our server in the cloud.

We do not guarantee the availability of backups.

Daily and weekly backs up are kept in a three weekly rotation with the oldest deleted when a new one is created.

malware scanning

This takes place at midnight every night.

uptime monitoring

Websites are pinged every 15 minutes to make sure they are up and functioning properly.

software updates

These take place daily as and when necessary.

updating core files

We do any core software updates, however we don't give access to 3rd party consultants or businesses to our server under any circumstances. If you want to change your theme files we would do that or you would need to move your website hosting. This is non-negotiable.


Fees for hosting are payable annually and must be paid for (in full and clear) before the date of renewal of service to ensure an uninterrupted service. This includes domain registration.

Non payment of hosting fees will mean the hosting service is halted until payment is made in full and clear.

In the event that you decide to move to another provider within the hosting term paid for, the hosting fees are non-refundable.

If we have registered a domain for you and you want to move it to another registrar let us know who that registrar is and we will instigate the transfer. There is a domain “transfer-away” charge which is currently £50 (+VAT) per domain.

Website updates and amendments are charged at our standard rate of £100 per hour.