Wayfinding & signs


Simply put wayfinding is about giving travellers the information they need when they need it. Our job is to provide clear, concise information at points throughout a building or place where choices can be made.


We design our wayfinding strategies and signs using five key principles:

  1. To keep buildings and places uncluttered
  2. Create simple to follow customer journeys
  3. Safely disperse customers and the public in the best and most efficient way
  4. Encourage customers where necessary to use other areas of a place, store or building
  5. Design consistently with the brand


Signs are often over complicated, trying too hard to be all things at all times to all people. It is not what is says, it is when it says it that matters, with precise and appropriate language.


Wayfinding includes all the consideration of all the elements; architecture, place, environment, structure, brand, language, semiotics (the study of signs and symbols), sign design, specification, prototyping and manufacture and of course walking a few miles in the customer’s shoes.

Our Work

Our office in York

for retail design & marketing,
leisure design & architecture:

49 The Tannery
Lawrence Street
York YO10 3WH

01904 611091

Our office in Suffolk

for web design, marketing strategy,
marketing support & graphic design:

5 Chapel Street
Suffolk IP7 7EP

01449 741300