Strategic Development

customer profiling:

As part of our research we produce illustrated Customer Profiles for some of our design projects. Using field and desktop research we develop fully rounded views of the target customers finding their true personality, what motivates them and why, their future trends and doing away with the inherent one page synopsis that creates broad marketing stereotypes.

product offer development:

With a defined customer we can review objectively the product offering and its appropriateness for today, together with development opportunities for the future.

product adjacencies:

We have also worked with a number of differing clients to develop adjacencies increasing sales and customer experience. This experience needs to be thought through from all points at which the customer interacts with the brand; call centre, delivery, virtual and real stores all need to have the same intrinsic values and communicate with a common voice.

customer journey & touchpoints:

The output documents also illustrates the customer touch points and the opportunities to increase the customer experience and therefore develop their relationship with the brand. The fundamental premise is always to develop sales.

visual creative illustration of direction:

To bring our work to life we illustrate our concepts in a variety of ways with books, maps, plans and visuals creating catalysts for creative start points and a series of benchmarks for business areas to refer back to. Our input is ongoing and with bespoke key performance indicators we can continually track and measure project success.

Our Work

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