Leisure design


Customers are demanding more and their time is increasingly precious. We design their ‘third spaces’, the space between work and home, for people who want that bit extra, an environment that is easy to use and comfortable enough to stay for a while.

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Customers are a diverse bunch. They are do not fit into the easy demographic categories that they might have once. We talk to your customers and find out what they think, a little bit about their lives and what they need in their leisure time and we think of them as real people, each with their own story. Then we design the right space for the right people.


It is crucial to constantly monitor and be aware of change in your customers and their influences. We watch for fashion tribes, cultural shifts and changes in style and behaviour. We’re always on the look out for new trends in products and spaces. We track surfaces, decoration, design developments and of course the internet to keep us and our design knowledge right up to date.


We provide a full design service including planning and financial management to enable any new design concept to be implemented efficiently across a chain.

Our Work

Our office in York

for retail design & marketing,
leisure design & architecture:

49 The Tannery
Lawrence Street
York YO10 3WH

01904 611091

Our office in Suffolk

for web design, marketing strategy,
marketing support & graphic design:

5 Chapel Street
Suffolk IP7 7EP

01449 741300